Posted on: April 27, 2008 10:57 am
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Johan Santana should be a Yankee...

Look this is something that as Peter Griffin would say, "...really Grinds my Gears!!" I am having a difficult time getting over the offseason moves involving Johan Santana. The thing is where do I start...

Ok lets start here.. I feel as though somehow I've been wronged. I feel dirty and unclean. I first started attentively following baseball and the Yankees in 1983. Even before then the Yankees logic was go out and get it. Or as most around these parts say buy it. From Reggie Jackson to Ken Phelps to Tino Martinez to Alex Rodriguez (I cant believe I just put those four names in the same sentence. Not the best point but its looks cool) the Yankees have never been affraid to go out and pay for Free Agents with the Batting and Defensive skills. But I cant recall when the Yankees have really chased after a top pitching prospect? Enter Johan Santana...

I would like to break down some tid bits about Johan that are important here...

He should win 20+ games for the next 5 years on a strong contending team... Minnesota has to get rid of him... enter the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox... the Yankees are willing to package and negotiate... Taken from the Daily News, "Yankees' offer of Phil Hughes, Melky Caera and another prospect"

As well the Red Sox who I think enter the market just to push the price up.... talks break down between the AL East and the Indians and out of nowhere the Mets are right in the front runnings.

BUT the Mets have much to offer... they are going to walk away from this deal with perhaps the best pitcher is baseball...FOR JUNK why....? Because Cleveland has no choice and they need to get something because they cant sign Johan Santana. They just cannot keep him. So what do the Mets do they offer 4 of there top 7 prospects.

Ok so if its 4 of the top 7 thats means they got the Mets top 7 prospect... which equates to like the 230th prospect in all of the Minor Leagues... Carlos Gomez ( < Melky Cabrera) and pitchers Phillip Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Deolis Guerra ( < Phil Hughes + another prospect) You notice I added a less than sign < in there... because in my humble opinion those Mets prospects are less than what the Yankees were offering...

Melky Cabrera > Carlos Gomez if you want to debate it thats fine... but Melkys performance so far this year compared to Gomez and the fact that Melky is an everyday player and Carlos Gomez seems like he is still trying to find himself. Defensively I take Melky any day of the week and twice on Sundays...

Now the pitching... all Minor Leaguers (Humber has 1 start a no decision in the Majors) the Mets offered who have shown nothing more than potential future journeymen in the Minors... vs. Phil Hughes who was pitching if I recall correctly a No Hitter into the 7th before hurting himself last year. This kid has shown the potential to play at the big league level and a 15+ game winner far more than the 3 prospects the Mets offered. +1 to be named...

Everyone says to me.. oh Casper the Yankees cant afford it... yes they can Jason Giambi is done after this year.. $24 million freed up.. and Mike Mussina will not be back whats that..? Another $13 Million...

Imagine the 2009 Starting Rotation:

  1. Johan Satana
  2. Chien-Ming Wang
  3. Joba Chamberlain
  4. Andy Pettitte (hed come back for one more year)
  5. + Whoever you could find... maybe Ian Kennedy is that guy, Darrell Rasner, Alan Horne.. lets going on in the Minors...
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Posted on: April 6, 2008 10:48 am

It's a start...for myself and the Yankees

I have never blogged before... but have been told I should. Either for entertainment purposes or just for self help therapy. In this blog at times you will see random thoughts just come out on the page... just remember its all part of the experience. So hang on and lets start it off.

Well we are only five games into the Baseball season and people are already hitting the panic button in the Bronx. Granted technically the Yankees are at the bottom looking up but its only 1 1/2 games and we are only 5 games into the season.

Everyone out of the gate with the exception on Robinson Cano, Jaon Giambi, and Ian Kennedy have looked pretty strong to open the sesaon.  Ok, I know some people are jumping on Shelley Duncan here in New York but his defense has always been questionable.

Mike Mussina seems to be eh... not one way or the other. I would throw up his stats and lets see how he really did after his first outing:

Mussina gave up four runs -- three earned -- and eight hits in 5 2/3 innings. He walked two and struck out two. -

He gave up also a HR.  I think it looked more like well timed hits or good hitting. Mussina is in his twilight of his career but hopefully he can finish the year as really the Number 5 arm in the rotation. I was sincerely hoping that the Yankees would go out and get another starting pitcher on the market. Johan Santana big name and all never really interested me. Just some guy who could get us 12 wins and shore up the starting rotation. Give perhaps a little depth.

The need here is for Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy to develope into reliable starting pitchers. Keeping the Yankees in the game is all they have to do. They dont have to display absolute dominance.

Andy Pettitte also I think looked very good. Will have to wait and see if the back tightens up on him. Except for Jonny Gomes HR he looked good yesterday given the limited amount of work he got in spring training.

LaTroy Hawkins... well now I know why we only signed a one year deal. Can someone explain to me how this shmoe got Paul O'Neills number? I mean really, he should worry about how he pitches not commemorating people with bad performances and there number on his back.

2-3 of course not the way I wanted to start the year. But the future looks bright.

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